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Re: Atlas: Help with s390 ASM

Le jeudi 28 janvier 2010 à 13:31 +0100, Ivan Warren a écrit :
> Sylvestre Ledru wrote:
>  > Good question... I can try to do that. I was just trying to match the
>  > current upstream behavior first.
>  >
> That being said, and with the s390 ABI giving parm 1 in R2, returning 
> R2, R1 being expandable and R14 being the return address there are 
> several possibilities...
> 	lr	%r1,%r2
> 	ar	%r2,%r1
> 	ar	%r2,%r1
> 	br	%r14
> would probably also work (3x=x+x+x)
Many thanks for that. It is working. 
I might need your help on other aspects but for now, it is up to me!

Thanks again,

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