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Bug#566649: s390-tools: New upstream version 1.8.3 available

On Jan 27, 2010, at 3:36 AM, Frans Pop wrote:

> Frans Pop wrote:
>> I've packaged the new upstream version. Most debian/patches could be
>> refreshed or updated without too many problems. I've also updated the
>> packaging and fixed some BRs.
> I found I'd missed updating the files to be installed. I've now updated 
> that too and made some other (mostly minor) improvements.
>> I've chosen to leave the following components disabled for now as I'm
>> unsure how relevant they are for Debian:
> The new list is:
> - osasnmpd (was already disabled)
> - vmur (was enabled, but files were not included in the deb)
> - cpuplugd (daemon, so would require some work)
> - ip_watcher
> - ziomon
> So I've disabled ip_watcher.
> There were several executables that were built in the previous version, but 
> not included in the deb: chchp, lschp, tape390_crypt, vmconvert.
> I guess the main reason to exclude things is because either:
> - they are not useful on Debian systems
> - using them would conflict with the Debian way of configuring devices
>  (using sysconfig-hardware)
> That the basis on which I've excluded ip_watcher and also the following 
> additional executables: chzcrypt, lszcrypt, mon_fsstatd, mon_procd.
> However, as my s390 experience is limited to the Hercules emulator it's 
> quite possible that I've been too conservative. Convincing me that 
> something should be included should be fairly easy ;-)

Well, all right, twist my arm....

The unit record device has proven very useful to me in the past, so I'd vote that vmur gets in.  The reader and punch are actually still a common method of data interchange between machines under VM; they aren't nearly as fast or as flexible as the IUCV transport, but they're a whole lot easier to use.  


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