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Bug#566649: s390-tools: New upstream version 1.8.3 available


I've packaged the new upstream version. Most debian/patches could be 
refreshed or updated without too many problems. I've also updated the 
packaging and fixed some BRs.

I've chosen to leave the following components disabled for now as I'm 
unsure how relevant they are for Debian:
- osasnmpd (was already disabled)
- cpuplugd (daemon, so would require some work)
- ipl_tools
- ziomon

The debdiff for the deb and udeb are clean. I've done some light testing 
and e.g. zipl works correctly for me.

The changelog is:
  * New upstream version.
  * Update debhelper compatibility to level 6.
  * Document 'optional' parameter in zipl.conf man page. Closes: #566642.
  * lstape, chccwdev: use bash as shell. Closes: #566675.
  * Add dependency on gawk as lsdasd calls awk with the --posix option.
    Closes: #564893.
  * Update debian/copyright and add upstream web site in debian/control.
  * Add README.source because of use of quilt.
  * Fix dpkg-genchanges warning 'missing Priority for source files'.
  * Add upstream README in /usr/share/doc.

Other fixes (Lintian cleanup):
- change section to admin (same as current overrides)
- added ${misc:Depends}
- fixed encoding of debian/copyright
- updated standards version

Remaining Lintian warnings:
W: s390-tools: copyright-without-copyright-notice
W: s390-tools: script-with-language-extension sbin/dbginfo.sh
(maybe that script should just be excluded?)
W: s390-tools: manpage-has-errors-from-man usr/share/man/man8/vmcp.8.gz 2: 
warning: macro `LO' not defined
W: s390-tools: binary-without-manpage sbin/dasdinfo
W: s390-tools: binary-without-manpage sbin/dbginfo.sh
W: s390-tools: binary-without-manpage sbin/scsi_logging_level

I've created a (temporary) git repository that includes all changes 
relative to the current 1.6.2-1 version:
   git clone alioth.debian.org:git/s390-tools.git

I hope you can use that as a base for your update. Alternatively I can also 
upload the new version myself (and add myself as Uploader), but a review 
would be welcome.

Note that the debian revision I used needs fixing before upload!


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