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Bug#566649: s390-tools: New upstream version 1.8.3 available

Frans Pop wrote:
> I've packaged the new upstream version. Most debian/patches could be
> refreshed or updated without too many problems. I've also updated the
> packaging and fixed some BRs.

I found I'd missed updating the files to be installed. I've now updated 
that too and made some other (mostly minor) improvements.
> I've chosen to leave the following components disabled for now as I'm
> unsure how relevant they are for Debian:

The new list is:
- osasnmpd (was already disabled)
- vmur (was enabled, but files were not included in the deb)
- cpuplugd (daemon, so would require some work)
- ip_watcher
- ziomon

So I've disabled ip_watcher.

There were several executables that were built in the previous version, but 
not included in the deb: chchp, lschp, tape390_crypt, vmconvert.

I guess the main reason to exclude things is because either:
- they are not useful on Debian systems
- using them would conflict with the Debian way of configuring devices
  (using sysconfig-hardware)

That the basis on which I've excluded ip_watcher and also the following 
additional executables: chzcrypt, lszcrypt, mon_fsstatd, mon_procd.

However, as my s390 experience is limited to the Hercules emulator it's 
quite possible that I've been too conservative. Convincing me that 
something should be included should be fairly easy ;-)

> I've created a (temporary) git repository that includes all changes
> relative to the current 1.6.2-1 version:
>    git clone alioth.debian.org:git/s390-tools.git

That should have been (requires SSH access to alioth):
   git clone alioth.debian.org:~fjp/git/s390-tools.git
I'm not 100% if that works for others than me, but it's updated with my 
latest changes.

> I hope you can use that as a base for your update. Alternatively I can
> also upload the new version myself (and add myself as Uploader), but a
> review would be welcome.

That's unchanged :-)

> Note that the debian revision I used needs fixing before upload!

Already done in current version.


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