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Re: Bug#566649: s390-tools: New upstream version 1.8.3 available

On 24.01.2010 21:53, Frans Pop wrote:
I've chosen to leave the following components disabled for now as I'm
unsure how relevant they are for Debian:
- osasnmpd (was already disabled)
- cpuplugd (daemon, so would require some work)
- ipl_tools

ipl_tools are basic tools used to specify which actions to perform after a shutdown/reboot command, such as specifying from which disk to boot. These tools can be very useful for system administrators (especially on LPAR) and even for install tools (when a reboot is necessary, the installer can specify to boot the installed medium instead of ending up in the installer again). My recommendation would be to provide them per default for anyone who installs the s390-tools package.

- ziomon

  Peter Oberparleiter

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