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Debian for S390 (lenny ) installation problem


1. We are trying to install Debian for S390 (lenny ) distribution on the virtual machine (via z/VM 5.4 on the real mainframe ) and via Hercules 3.05 on the Linux Intel box.
All our attempts is ended with the "WARNING **: bad d-i Packages file " message. We are using local repositories of the
5.0.3, 5.0.2 (stable ) and unstable verion (12.10.09 ) via http/ftp protocols. We are doubt what is wrong ? All our attempts to install the previous version of the Debian for S390 (etch ) were successful and we hadn't any installation problems at all.
2. We have a great interest to the OpenOffice package on the Debian for S390 but as we understand it was not included into the etch distribution so we are need with the lenny distribution that contains full OpenOffice package (with Writer,Base,Draw and so on ).


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