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Re: Future of the s390 port

> Thanks a lot Bastian.
> I received basically the same info in a private mail from Adam (private 
> probably because he forwarded it from a contact at SuSE). So thanks to 
> them too.
> And with the help of google to fill in the missing bits I now have it 
> working in Hercules again.

Well, I'm sorry I couldn't be of much help on this one.  I'm afraid I'm
spoiled by z/VM.  Since I have access to z/VM, I don't mess with LPARs much.
Perhaps my main contribution this time was to demonstrate that there are
people out there in the user community who care passionately about
the continued viability of the Debian s390 port.  And perhaps that motivated
others who had the requisite knowledge to come forth.  My next suggestion
was going to be "look at the install CD for another distribution and see
how they do it".  But unfortunately I don't have access to such a CD myself.
And apparently neither did you.  Fortunately, someone out there did.

Documentation for IBM hardware really stinks these days.  In the "old days",
when they were still operating under the consent decree, you could get
documentation for just about anything.  But since the consent decree has been
canceled, they have been really tight with everything.  For example, I can't
get documentation on the channel commands or sense bytes for 3590 tape control
units.  I can't get documentation on the SERVC interface to the processor
controller (for things like I/O to the integrated system console, integrated
3270 console, obtaining the LOADPARM, etc.).  And I'd be willing to bet that
you can't get documentation on the internals of "LOAD from a CD ROM or FTP
Server" either.  All of that came out after the consent decree was canceled.
How ironic that the world's best server consolidation platform for open source
servers is so tight with its own documentation!

I might suggest that you modify the s390 install script to put in a plug
for this mailing list.  I have been using Debian on s390 for years but only
joined this list last week.  Perhaps there are others out there like me
who could be of service in some way if they were connected.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am working on a "how to" document for
getting the high-performance DASD DIAG driver to work for Debian on s390.
Perhaps that will be useful to someone.  If I can be useful in some other
way, please let me know.


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