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Re: Lenny installer hanging?

Ivan Warren wrote:
> The question is : would it be possible to have a more recent DI build
> for s390 (more recent than October 27th 2008) - and especially with a
> newer kernel ?

You could try a daily built image from [1], which uses 2.6.26-12 (current 
unstable/testing kernel based on upstream

> note that 2.6.25 might be an issue.

Hmmm? The Lenny RC1 image also uses 2.6.26, though based on a somewhat 
older upstream stable update. So .25 cannot be an issue here.

> PSF/PRSSD issue that's of some concern to me)  2.6.26 version updated by
> Frans Pop should be fine.. and 2.6.27 shouldn't have any problem)

2.6.27 is likely to get skipped for Debian as the kernel will not be 
updated until after Lenny is released and that will certainly be with 


[1] http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/

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