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Re: Lenny installer hanging?

Dan Dart wrote:
It seems that 2.6.26-2.6.27 have a regression that hangs my machine
during startup of the kernel, that has something to do with HPET. I
can stop it by using "hpet=disable". It seems other people have
trouble with other chipsets, too. 2.6.28 seems to be fine.
Maybe it's the same bug? Though my machine is x86_64, it might be a
valid speculation.



We're talking about a s390/s390x issue here.. (namely a problem with booting/IPLing the s390 Lenny debian install from within IBM's z/VM)

I don't think HPET applies here.. (correction.. I am *certain* HPET doesn't apply here).. But thanks for the suggestion Dan !


I did encounter that problem too.. In a totally different environment.. (still under z/VM).. Especially the di that can be found at http://ftp.nl.debian.org/debian/dists/unstable/main/installer-s390/20081029/images/ is broken. - or at least, in my case, hanging at the place/same circumstances as indicated by Adam.. And using the "etch" one (http://ftp.nl.debian.org/debian/dists/etch/main/installer-s390/current/images/tape/) is a pain in the neck because there is a (known) mismatch between the kernel and /lib/modules (it can be overcome.. mv & modprobe do wonders.. but it's not seamless !)..

Once the installer is done (after having jumped through all the hoops), there is no problem upgrading to a newer kernel. (which seem to indicate a recent kernel doesn't have a problem in that environment).

The question is : would it be possible to have a more recent DI build for s390 (more recent than October 27th 2008) - and especially with a newer kernel ? (note that 2.6.25 might be an issue. (there is a PSF/PRSSD issue that's of some concern to me) 2.6.26 version updated by Frans Pop should be fine.. and 2.6.27 shouldn't have any problem).. a current unstable (and possibly testing) linux-2.6-s390(x) unstable should do anyway.


(PS : Sorry dan .. you're going to get this one in duplicate.. I'm so used to hitting 'reply' to reply to a mailing list I didn't realize I was sending my response to you only instead of the ML).

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