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Bug#445148: fsck during system boot fails with separate /boot partition

On Monday 08 October 2007, Peter 1 Oberparleiter wrote:
> Judging from the data found in the bugtracker, this sounds more like a
> setup problem:

That was my initial thought as well. However, I could reproduce the issue 
without any problems during a new installation in Hercules.

I got exactly the same fsck error during boot and I'm fairly sure there are 
no configuration errors as I checked several times both during and after 
the installation.
- /etc/fstab is correct
- except for the fsck failure, the system boots correctly
- if <pass> in /etc/fstab is set to 0 for /boot, the system boots without
  any problems

I have also verified that, while in maintenance mode after the fsck failure, 
both mount and /proc/mounts really do not show /dev/dasda1 mounted. Only / 
(/dev/dasdb1) is shown as mounted at that point, as you'd expect.

> DF shows that /dev/dasda1 is >5G while a dasd with 125 cylinder should be
> around 80-90MB.

That df output (and the whole hardware summary) is almost certainly from his 
second, successful install where he did *not* use a separate /boot 
partition. Otherwise /boot would also have been listed there (as it is for 
my own installation). Confusing, but not relevant.

I'm convinced there's a real bug here.

Frans Pop

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