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Bug#445148: fsck during system boot fails with separate /boot partition

linux-s390-owner@vger.kernel.org wrote on 08.10.2007 12:32:50:
> I've reproduced the issue and my suspicion is that either the boot 
loader or 
> the kernel is failing to release /dev/dasda1 after the kernel and/or 
> have been loaded which leads to fsck concluding that it is mounted.

Judging from the data found in the bugtracker, this sounds more like a 
setup problem:

> Configuration is a 125 cylinder /dev/dasda1, which is to be mounted
> as /boot, and a large /dev/dasdb1 which is to be mounted as /.

> df: Filesystem           1k-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
> df: tmpfs                   257928        80    257848   0% /dev
> df: tmpfs                   257928        80    257848   0% /dev
> df: tmpfs                   257928        80    257848   0% /.dev
> df: /dev/dasda1            5781776    557576   4930500  10% /target

DF shows that /dev/dasda1 is >5G while a dasd with 125 cylinder should be 
around 80-90MB.

Example for a correct setup:

/dev/dasda1             mount as /boot  device number 1000
/dev/dasdb1             mount as /              device number 1001


Kernel command line: dasd=1000-1001 root=/dev/dasdb1

/etc/fstab contents:

/dev/dasda1             /boot
/dev/dasdb1             /


Peter Oberparleiter
Linux on System z Development
IBM Deutschland Entwicklung GmbH

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