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Bug#445148: fsck during system boot fails with separate /boot partition

linux-s390-owner@vger.kernel.org wrote on 08.10.2007 14:25:25:
> I got exactly the same fsck error during boot and I'm fairly sure there 
> no configuration errors as I checked several times both during and after 

> the installation.
> - /etc/fstab is correct
> - except for the fsck failure, the system boots correctly
> - if <pass> in /etc/fstab is set to 0 for /boot, the system boots 
>   any problems

This might indicate a timing problem - the init script tries to mount a 
DASD that has not yet been fully initialized by the kernel (the return 
code -EBUSY that triggers the "already mounted" message may indicate 
different problems). Try to add a sleep 5 into the init script just before 
the mount command that fails to check if this is the case.


Peter Oberparleiter
Linux on System z Development
IBM Deutschland Entwicklung GmbH

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