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Re: xorg-server FTBFS under S390 with error Unrecognized opcode: `sti'

Bastian Blank escribió:
> d) sti does not exist. (I just checked the opcode table, it really does
> not exist)

I originally thought that, yes (that would explain why avoiding iopl and
ioperm solves the unrecognized opcode thing). I think I was confused
because David Nusinow uploaded a new version with your patches to
unstable, then reverted to the old version and uploaded to experimental,
and meanwhile the last buildd log for the package in s390 failed [1]

Thank you for your patience,


José M. Parrella -> Debian Sid, k2.6.17.13
Escuela de Ingenieria Electrica
Universidad Central de Venezuela -> ucvlug.info

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