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Re: installing

On Friday 21 April 2006 13:54, Shimon Lebowitz wrote:
> I have in the past installed linux on IBM with
> NFS from a CD, but that seems to be out of style
> now.... I cannot understand *requiring* an Internet
> connection EVER, but certainly not for something
> other than a personal home computer.

You can of course also set up a local mirror on your own network and use 
that: no internet connection required during installation.

The basic reason that there is no purely CD-based installation for S/390 
is that there is just no-one that has done the work to support it.

The S/390 port in Debian is kept alive by a depressingly small number of 
people. If you want to see additional functionality like this, new people 
will need to step in and start helping out.


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