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Re: RFH - Debian/S390

On Monday 06 February 2006 19:08, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> * Adam Thornton <adam@fsf.net> [2006-02-06 10:09]:
> > The short answer, though, is that the parted problem seems to be
> > basically done, pending rolling it in officially, which is Otavio's

I have gotten the patches from Otavio and have just finished testing them 
in D-I (building parted takes a while on Hercules :-)

Parted seems to work fine again. It recognized my existing partitions and 
partitioning in the installer worked fine too.
There are some issues that need to be looked into for the installation (I 
managed to finish it with some minor manual interventions, but the system 
failed to boot...).

I'll give Otavio the green light to upload the new parted though.

> I'm not sure exactly what's missing, Frans or waldi will know.

There are two things we should aim to do for the next D-I release:
- switch to 2.6 for installations
  If I understand Bastian correctly this mainly requires automatic
  configuration. I think he started that with his last s390-tools upload.
  dasd configuration support is still missing in that IIUC.
- add full support for dasd in partman
  So that at least partconf and partitioner can be dropped; not sure if
  s390-dasd can be dropped. With the better integration in (lib)parted
  this should probably not be too difficult.


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