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Re: RFH - Debian/S390

On Tuesday 07 February 2006 00:13, Frans Pop wrote:
> Parted seems to work fine again. It recognized my existing partitions
> and partitioning in the installer worked fine too.
> There are some issues that need to be looked into for the installation
> (I managed to finish it with some minor manual interventions, but the
> system failed to boot...).

Done another installation test yesterday and there are only two issues to 
have s/390 installable again:
- minor issue with kernel selection in base-installer; new version with
  fix already uploaded;
- sysvinit installs incorrect /etc/inittab for installed system resulting
  in the problem on reboot; RC bug filed: #351871.

So, if we get the sysvinit issue fixed in time for the D-I Beta2 release, 
it looks that S/390 will be installable again (using 2.4 kernel).

Thanks to all who contributed.


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