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Re: RFH - Debian/S390

On Feb 6, 2006, at 5:13 PM, Frans Pop wrote:
I have gotten the patches from Otavio and have just finished testing them
in D-I (building parted takes a while on Hercules :-)

Parted seems to work fine again. It recognized my existing partitions and
partitioning in the installer worked fine too.
There are some issues that need to be looked into for the installation (I managed to finish it with some minor manual interventions, but the system
failed to boot...).

I'll give Otavio the green light to upload the new parted though.

Sounds good.

I don't know for sure if parted is going to work with preformatted (or even unformatted) FBA disks; I mainly want this so that I can run SWAPGEN in CMS before IPLling Linux and put a swap signature on a newly-created VDISK. Then when parted runs it will see that there's an already-initialized swap partition on an FBA (really virtual) disk, and just allow swapping to it.

Leland added support for FBA, but I haven't tested it yet.

This is a very minor problem in comparison; opening a shell to attach the swap disk manually is not a big deal. It would, however, be cool if it really worked in the installer.


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