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Re: Courier Build Failure

Stefan Hornburg <racke@linuxia.de> wrote:
> I'm the maintainer of courier and I'm facing a rather strange build failure:
> The execution of aclocal (provided by package automake1.7) fails. We think 
> that this is related to the build host because on another build host of 
> s390, the same command executed successfully (in an earlier revision of 
> courier, just one week earlier).
> It would be nice if someone on this list could try to reproduce the problem 
> (please use a clean environment) and tell us if the problem is reproducible.
> If the build succeeds, I would really appreciate an upload.

It looks like your request was already granted. (successful build
yesterday sitting on incoming.d.o.), but I wonder whether this specific
buildd l003092 is broken, I've seen the same error in another package:


Is it possible that l003092 is broken?
               cu andreas

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