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Running 32-bit linux under 64-bit z/VM on zSeries

Currently we've got SuSe Server version 7 and Debian Woody running as linux
guests under z/VM 4.3 on a S/390 server. We are upgrading to z800 servers
next month and I'm trying to find out which actions are necessary for our
linux guests.

Three colleagues of mine have recently been on an IBM z/VM course
(unfortunately not me). They can vaguely remember that somewhere a setting
does have to be made (changed) to ensure that the 32-bit linux versions will
remain running under an 64-bit z/VM environment. But as of yet they haven't
been able to retrieve this information from the course information or any
other manual.

What they do say that it should be some linux setting and not a z/VM
setting, but I haven't been able to find any information on it yet.
Who can help me out or redirect me to the appropriate information.

Michiel Bello
DOD The Netherlands

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