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Re: Copieing debian image from LPAR to z/VM


Thanks for your response.

We've already used dd to create backup copies. What I need is a way to copy
it onto a minidisk and then a way to run zipl.
Our knowledge of VM is rather limited, we've used it in the past but that is
an odd 15 years ago, so we're almost learning from scratch again.
Could you tell me if the creation of a minidisk is a destructive process? If
not it might be possible to somehow convert a 'normal ' dasd device into a
minidisk (I'll try this tomorrow)
However I am than still left with the problem of being able to run zipl. In
my opinion I can't really do anything without a driving system under VM.
I think the easiest way would be to create a boottape and get ftp up and
running to copy the entire image onto a minidisk. I will then be able to
change the configuration and run zipl.

However I would still be interested in other methods if there are any

Kind regards,

Michiel Bello

"Arnd Bergmann" <arnd@arndb.de> schreef in bericht
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On Tuesday 03 June 2003 00:04, Michiel Bello (Wanadoo) wrote:
> Currently we've got Suse and Debian both running native each in their own
> LPAR. We've just installed z/VM on another LPAR and I was wondering if
> there is an easy and quick way to copy the entire debian image onto a
> minidisk under z/VM thus avoiding another full install of debian under
> ?. Our DASD's are shared between all three mentioned LPAR's and also with
> another z/OS LPAR so I've got almost every possible utility at my
> Any tips on this matter (and links to e.g. How To's) are welcome.

You can easily copy one dasd to another one with the 'dd' command.
Assuming you have two dasds '/dev/dasdb' and '/dev/dasdc' in your
LPAR, where both are formatted, partitioned, not mounted and of the
same size and /dev/dasdb1 contains the original OS that you want to
copy to /dev/dasdc1, one possible command is

  dd if=/dev/dasdb1 of=/dev/dasdc1 bs=4096

Now you can mount /dev/dasdc1 and update any settings that need
changes (most probably /etc/zipl.conf, /etc/fstab, /etc/network/interfaces
and /etc/chandev.conf). To be safe, do a 'chroot' into the copy and rerun
You should be able to boot it like to original one, both in LPAR and in VM.
If you need to use a minidisk instead of the full dasd, it gets slightly

Arnd <><
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