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debian woody on Z800 help

Hey guys don't bash me to hard but I am having problems installing
Debian on z800.  Here's my situation, I can't seem to find any decent
documentation on installing debian for os/390 and our os/390 folks
aren't the real experimental type at all.  I tried to install debian
from the hardware console today and it didn't even try to install,
should I be able to initiate and install from the hardware console like
the red hat 7.2 os/390 install?  We are trying to install it in an lpar
without vm and we are using the osa 2 fast ethernet adapter.  Could one
or all of you give me some good documentation on installing debian on a
z800?  I don't know enough about the hardware console and lpars to
really have a grasp on the steps needed to get debian up and running. 
Red hat seems to be straight forward as far as getting it to load from
the hardware console other than the osa drivers, but for $18,000 dollars
it should be.  If it is possible to load debian from the console from
disk 1 of the debian iso's then maybe I had a bad disk so I have burned
another one just in case. Really all I need is some help and to the
point of partitioning and I should be able to handle it from there.


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