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Re: VM Linux session unresponsive


On Wed, Apr 09, 2003 at 03:34:29PM -0500, Jack Cobb wrote:
> The first two Debian and the two existing SuSE sessions have been
> running fine for several months now.  The third Debian session we
> installed just a few weeks ago.  However, since then we have frequently
> experienced the problem of losing connectivity to this third Debian
> session.  The result is we cannot ping the box and if we log in using a
> 3270 terminal to this box's VM session the VM session is unresponsive as
> well (i.e. cannot issue a #cp disc command or even a logoff command).
> We have checked and the S/390 is not having any paging or i/o issues.
> When we lose connectivity to the third Debian session the other four
> sessions are generally okay.  Although on a couple of occasions it has
> caused us to lose connection to one of the other sessions but not all of
> them at the same time.
> Has anyone experienced this type of problem?  If so what did you find to
> be the cause and how did you resolve it?

We had this kind of problems year ago too. Totally different hardware
tho, but the problem (AFAIK) was that TCP/IP is just I/O for VM and by
simply giving more priority for TCP/IP solved the problem. Symtoms were
that when we had heavy disk I/O (from the Linux side) we lost the
OSPF-routes as the zVM wasn't responsing quick enought or something.

Messy description, but primarily i am Linux-guy - not MF-one :)


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