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VM Linux session unresponsive

We have three Debian Woody and two SuSE Enterprise Linux sessions
running on our Multiprise 3000 model H30 with 1GB RAM running VM version
2.4.2.  Both are running the 2.4 kernel. We are using the qdio and qeth
drivers (Hipersockets) for our LAN in a Box network connectivity.  

The first two Debian and the two existing SuSE sessions have been
running fine for several months now.  The third Debian session we
installed just a few weeks ago.  However, since then we have frequently
experienced the problem of losing connectivity to this third Debian
session.  The result is we cannot ping the box and if we log in using a
3270 terminal to this box's VM session the VM session is unresponsive as
well (i.e. cannot issue a #cp disc command or even a logoff command).
We have checked and the S/390 is not having any paging or i/o issues.

When we lose connectivity to the third Debian session the other four
sessions are generally okay.  Although on a couple of occasions it has
caused us to lose connection to one of the other sessions but not all of
them at the same time.

Has anyone experienced this type of problem?  If so what did you find to
be the cause and how did you resolve it?

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Jack Cobb
MIS Department
Skyline Corporation
(574) 294-6521 x.362
(574) 295-6532 fax 

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