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Re: Bug#129940: boot-floppies: S/390 (hercules): Can't find CTC adapter

>>>>> "Stefan" == Stefan Gybas <gybas@trustsec.de> writes:

 Stefan> Jochen Hein wrote:
 >> Uh, what's that protocol number?  Shouldn't be there some
 >> explanation?  Or is it documented in the cited manual?

 Stefan> It's documented in the Red Book. I'm not sure if I should add
 Stefan> some additional explanations because then nobody will read
 Stefan> the manual and the protocol numbers might change. The default
 Stefan> value will be used if you just press return, this works in
 Stefan> most cases.

May it be wise to add "if in doubt, use the default.  More info in the
above mentioned book"?  I think yes.

 > Please enter the read device numbers for your device in hexadecimal
 > notation preceeded by 0x, e.g. "0x1000" or "auto" for automatic
 > probing. However, auto probing might not work because OSA-2 cards
 > use the same device type.

 >> Auto setup seems not to be automatic.  Hm.

 Stefan> I know, that's for the above reason. There's a documented way
 Stefan> in the Red Book to force the kernel to allocate ctc
 Stefan> interfaces, automatic setup works in this case.

That might to be in need of documenting - either as a remark to the
"auto" or a paragraph in the Debian installation manual.  or so.  As
it is it looks to me that "auto" isn't working without any explanation
at all.


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