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Re: Bug#129940: boot-floppies: S/390 (hercules): Can't find CTC adapter

Jochen Hein wrote:

Uh, what's that protocol number?  Shouldn't be there some explanation?
Or is it documented in the cited manual?

It's documented in the Red Book. I'm not sure if I should add some
additional explanations because then nobody will read the manual and
the protocol numbers might change. The default value will be used if
you just press return, this works in most cases.

What disturbs me something is that the search domain is derived from
the hostnames domain.  That ist mostly correct, and will work most of
the time, but there may be situations where it is not what you want.

Yes, that's true. But this script is only intended for a basic network
setup - I'd like to minimize the number of questions. You can set up
different DNS search domains in the network configuration to dbootstrap,
after you make a telnet connection to your system.

Please enter the read device numbers for your device in hexadecimal notation
preceeded by 0x, e.g. "0x1000" or "auto" for automatic probing. However,
auto probing might not work because OSA-2 cards use the same device type.


Auto setup seems not to be automatic.  Hm.

I know, that's for the above reason. There's a documented way in the Red Book
to force the kernel to allocate ctc interfaces, automatic setup works in
this case.

Stefan Gybas

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