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Tr: netiucv 2.4.16

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From: "Erwann SIMON" <esn@infobi.com>
To: "Linux on 390 Port" <LINUX-390@VM.MARIST.EDU>
Sent: Monday, January 21, 2002 6:48 PM
Subject: netiucv 2.4.16

> How can i do the job of managing my iucv connections properly in 2.4.16, i
> mean without the trouble of getting these messages all the time when I
> netiucv at one or at the other guest:
> "kernel: iucv_add_pathid: Pathid being used, error."
> I just can't understand how it works by now (compared to how it was in
> 2.2.16).
> Has someone got a good procedure to make interfaces coming up cleanly when
> system boots ?
> I'm using Debian unstable (sid) and the /etc/network/interfaces mechanism.
> Thanks.

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