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Re: Where to store "left" debian packages?

--- Michael Sobolev <mss@transas.com> wrote:
> [ Do I really need to speak English here? ]
No, please use Russian. I am at the office and there is no chance for me.

> There are two possibilities.  You may try to find a sponsor (a person who is
> already a maintainer, and is willing to upload the packages for you).  I am
> just
> not sure whether you have to express your desire to become a developer
> sometime.
> Second possibility is to make use that www.ru.debian.org (it will appear :). 
> (other
> places will not be that official, I believe.)

Sorry, I have told about _unofficial_ packaging !

I have nor time nor experience yet to became a real maintainer.

So the request was for space where partially supported debian packages can stay
at. After some time (and checks) they can go to the official site like you
mentioned. Just later and after many checks (patent as well).

Pavel V. Epifanov.

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