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Re: Russian dictionary for Ispell

On 14 Dec 1999, Derek L Davies wrote:

> From: Derek L Davies <ddavies@world.std.com>
> Subject: Re: Russian dictionary for Ispell
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> This would be a wonderful addition to debian.  As a native english
> speaker struggling to learn russian I would greatly value such a
You may get ready to use package from number of places:
ftp://ftp.logic.ru (don't try to access with browser, use ftp client)

> contribution.  Please consider adding it if you have time - I would be

> willing to test this, but I am working on other free software projects
> already so I can't offer more than testing effort.

> What is the Knizhnik dictionary?  Is that an online text or paper
Knizhnik is the person who made one of two popular Russian ispell
dictionaries. Second one is Lebedev, his dictionary is better, but have
more license problems.   
> text?  Is it free in the debian sense?

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