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Re: RFS: ruby-test-unit

On Sat, Sep 24, 2011 at 11:56:40AM -0700, Antonio Terceiro wrote:
> Cédric Boutillier escreveu isso aí:
> > Or I could mention in a README.Debian that one may expect some
> > changes in the behavior of testrb1.8 (more options, could be run with
> > ruby1.9.1) and testrb1.9.1 (not working) when ruby-test-unit
> > is installed.

> IMO the sanest solutions are 

> 1) having /usr/bin/testrb dropped from the Ruby packages; OR
> 2) not shipping /usr/bin/testrb in this package at all.

I think that the simpler one would be solution number 2) (that is
already what happens in ruby-test-unit). I am not sure that we want
ruby-test-unit to be a dependency of ruby, and I believe that people who
are already using testrb bundled with 1.8/1.9.1 would not appreciate
seeing it disappear.

Let me just write a short README.Debian to document this, and the
package should be ready for upload, hopefully.

Best regards,


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