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Re: RFS: ruby-test-unit

2011/9/20 Cédric Boutillier <cedric.boutillier@gmail.com>:
> Hi!
> I prepared the packaging of ruby-test-unit. I have checked all the
> pointed listed on the wiki page, and the package is lintian-clean
> (except a warning for missing upstream changelog).
> Could you please review and possibly upload this package?

Builds in clean chroot, it is lintian clean.

I think you can remove the commented dependency section (only
development dependencies are listed) in control file.

I'm not sure about handling ruby's license, because it already says
GPL-2 or conditions below. So I think saying Ruby's license includes
GPL-2. See how I did it in ruby-systemu. Also it is not listed in
dep5, should we request it be added to list of licenses in dep5?

Maybe you can add a comment to rules why you are overriding it. May be
mention the patch in changelog.

Thanks for your contribution!

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