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Re: [DRE-maint] [IMPORTANT] future of pkg-ruby-extras

Lucas Nussbaum dijo [Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 09:45:11AM +0100]:
> (...)
> Regarding my involvement in this team, I will not fall in the trap of
> being the center point where most sponsorship requests go. I know that
> it's often very hard to find a sponsor inside Debian, and that sucks.
> But as a DD, it's also very hard to be constantly a bottleneck, and live
> with the feeling that we are not doing our jobs due to latencies
> elsewhere. Spending a lot of time addressing sponsorship requests
> prevents me from doing the fun things I'd like to do, too.
> Several DDs (complete list of people who replied in this thread:
> drazzib, gwolf, roberto, deepak, fourmond, noahm, paulvt) are member of
> this team, and I hope that they will handle their share of sponsorship
> requests.
> Also, I'd like the more experienced members of this team, even if they
> are not DDs, to dedicate some time to reviews. That way I can know that
> someone else already took a look at the changes. Additionally, some of
> them should really consider applying for being a DD.
> Finally, this is a team. When looking at sponsorship requests, I will
> prioritize people who are caring about the global status, and not only
> about maintaining their own packages. I think that's fair. Remember that
> caring about the global picture is a very important thing in Debian.

FWIW, I am willing to do sponsoring. I very (_very_!) seldom get
requests (and I won't sponsor packages that are just lying around in
the repository, of course - I do require an explicit request). I
assumed requests would appear on the IRC channel (to which I am again
a regular listener), but have not seen them.

Anyway - People, feel free to bug me for sponsorship requests.

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