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Re: [DRE-maint] [IMPORTANT] future of pkg-ruby-extras

Hello all,

Sorry for the late reply, it required some thinking and sorting out.

As most of you know or have noticed, I am not as active in the team
anymore as I used to be.  This has partially been a matter of
motivation, packages you care about lose upstream, the whole Gem thing
and attitudes I have run into.  When I founded the team with Lucas,
there was a big drive that slowly shrunk over the years.  However, I
still think we have been doing a good job as a team for two releases

Then, there is/was also the fact that working on my PhD project during
the day drains/drained me of the energy to work on team things in
the evenings/at night.  Let alone the fact that my body started to
work against me too, prevening me to work even small periods of time
with a computer.

On Sat, Jan 08, 2011 at 12:07:05AM +0100, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> The pkg-ruby-extras group has existed for a long time. It serves an
> important purpose - but it has grown a bit crufty. [...]
> As you might know, I have decided to reduce my involvement in Debian
> Ruby (see http://www.lucas-nussbaum.net/blog/?p=617 for details). I
> don't know yet what I will continue to do, and it might very well be
> "nothing". [...]
> During the last months, I feel that I was the main DD feeling
> responsible for the pkg-ruby-extras team. 

Lucas, you have been doing such a great job for the team over the past
years!  I've always admired you for being able to keep this up despite
setbacks, stonewalling and the busy daily schedule you have.  We have
already talked about your decision, and I respect it, of course.
Even more so, for the upcoming months I will (sorry guys) follow you in
your decision and reduce my involvement in the team as well.  I want to
finish my PhD thesis, defend it and then see where I go from there.
I might increase my involvement again by that, who knows!

In the past years I have taken over maintenance of a lot packages that
were abandoned.  During my PhD period I have not written much Ruby code
(which I regret ;)), so I've completely lost motivation for most of
the things I am an uploader/maintainer for.  It is clear that I will not
maintain these practically orphaned (also upstream) packages anymore,
they will have to go.

I have also moderated the mailing list and administered access to the
pkg-ruby-extras repository via alioth.  I hope a DD within the team
wants to step up to take this over from me.  This does not have to be a
DD per definition, but I think it would be better.

> So, if you want to stay a member of the team (which is fine, I
> encourage you to continue to contribute to the team, and I'm also
> planning to stay a member for now!), please reply to this mail within
> the following two weeks, stating your alioth login. [...]

My alioth login is paulvt. ;)

> 2) Packages
> Please reply to this mail, stating which packages you care about and
> want to continue to maintain as part of the team. [...]

I am still interested in maintaining the following packages:

>    camping
>    libmarkaby-ruby
>    libbuilder-ruby (U)
(As a bundle, builder goes with markaby goes with camping.)

and also:

>    libdbus-ruby

This following package needs to be orphaned, the project seems to be
dead, unfortunately:

>    hobix
(Although I still use it as my main blogging software, what to do?!)

The following package is needed for ruby-gnome2, so it belongs to the
one/many that will take that over, I guess:

>    libcairo-ruby

I am not interested in these anymore, if someone wants it, you can have it
(N.B. there may very well not be any alive upstream anymore):

>    libbreakpoint-ruby
>    libcmd-ruby
>    libgd-ruby
>    liblog4r-ruby
>    libopengl-ruby
>    libpcap-ruby
>    libprogressbar-ruby
>    librevolution-ruby
>    libsdl-ruby
>    libsvg-ruby

I guess these meta-pkgs don't require much work and they will be alright
in the end:

>    libruby-extras
>    ruby-pkg-tools

The packages below I'm uploader for, I'd like to be removed there.

>    libbackgroundrb-ruby (U)
>    libbluecloth-ruby (U)
>    libcommandline-ruby (U)
>    libdaemons-ruby (U)
>    libdifflcs-ruby (U)
>    libevent-loop-ruby (U)
>    libferret-ruby (U)
>    libform-validator-ruby (U)
>    libfusefs-ruby (U)
>    libgemplugin-ruby (U)
>    libgruff-ruby (U)
>    libhighline-ruby (U)
>    libhmac-ruby (U)
>    libihelp-ruby (U)
>    libinline-ruby (U)
>    libjson-ruby (U)
>    libmixlib-cli-ruby (U)
>    libmixlib-config-ruby (U)
>    libmixlib-log-ruby (U)
>    libmmap-ruby (U)
>    libmocha-ruby (U)
>    libnet-tftp-ruby (U)
>    libogginfo-ruby (U)
>    libopenid-ruby (U)
>    librack-ruby (U)
>    libserialport-ruby (U)
>    libsvm-ruby (U)
>    libtermios-ruby (U)
>    libtext-format-ruby (U)
>    libwww-delicious-ruby (U)
>    libxml-ruby (U)
>    libxslt-ruby (U)
>    libyadis-ruby (U)
>    mongrel (U)
>    ruby-gnome2 (U)
>    tokyocabinet-ruby (U)

As a final note: I am available for occasional, but don't count on regular,
(mentored) uploads if you can reach me via Jabber/IRC/mail.

Kind regards,

PhD Student @ Eindhoven                     | email: paulvt@debian.org
University of Technology, The Netherlands   | JID: paul@luon.net
>>> Using the Power of Debian GNU/Linux <<< | GnuPG key ID: 0x50064181

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