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Re: [DRE-maint] [IMPORTANT] future of pkg-ruby-extras


Heh, thank you for your mail. I have a very clear memory that you were
my first sponsor in Debian more than 5 years ago.
And it has always been a pleasure to work with you (we need to have some
beers in FOSDEM).

I think I should clarify my position too, since saying that I'm giving
up, and then staying around and leading the discussion on the changes
for wheezy is a bit confusing.
I'm still deeply pissed off with many things related to Ruby, but the
discussion following my resignation post motivated me again to work on
*some* things. So I am going to work on things I care about, and that
includes those deep changes planned for Wheezy.

Regarding my involvement in this team, I will not fall in the trap of
being the center point where most sponsorship requests go. I know that
it's often very hard to find a sponsor inside Debian, and that sucks.
But as a DD, it's also very hard to be constantly a bottleneck, and live
with the feeling that we are not doing our jobs due to latencies
elsewhere. Spending a lot of time addressing sponsorship requests
prevents me from doing the fun things I'd like to do, too.

Several DDs (complete list of people who replied in this thread:
drazzib, gwolf, roberto, deepak, fourmond, noahm, paulvt) are member of
this team, and I hope that they will handle their share of sponsorship
Also, I'd like the more experienced members of this team, even if they
are not DDs, to dedicate some time to reviews. That way I can know that
someone else already took a look at the changes. Additionally, some of
them should really consider applying for being a DD.
Finally, this is a team. When looking at sponsorship requests, I will
prioritize people who are caring about the global status, and not only
about maintaining their own packages. I think that's fair. Remember that
caring about the global picture is a very important thing in Debian.

On 25/01/11 at 18:39 +0100, Paul van Tilburg wrote:
> The following package is needed for ruby-gnome2, so it belongs to the
> one/many that will take that over, I guess:
> >    libcairo-ruby

So far Arnaud Cornet has not replied, and ruby-gnome2 is still listed
without any maintainer, so I'm a bit worried about those two packages.
> I guess these meta-pkgs don't require much work and they will be alright
> in the end:
> >    libruby-extras

Is this package really needed? I'm not so sure it's that useful.

- Lucas

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