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Re: Building a Debian package out of a Rubygems' .gem file

On Oct 17, 2010, at 9:20 AM, Antonio Terceiro wrote:

> Hi there,
> I've just published a post that provides some information on some stuff
> I've being working on, such as gem2tgz, and the newest addition, a
> debhelper buildsystem implementation that reproduces the behaviour of
> our current setup.rb CDBS rules, with some differencies.
> http://softwarelivre.org/terceiro/blog/building-a-debian-package-out-of-a-rubygems-.gem-file
> I would appreciate any feedback on that, and ideas on how to cope with
> the missing bits (there are plenty of them).

Antonio, I think we may have been doing some parallel work.

My focus is on making it easy to go from gem -> .dsc with Debigem


I just released a version which no longer uses 'gem install' to put
the files down on the disk, but rather users setup.rb.

My next challenge is in handling new versions gracefully by extracting
the yaml spec file properly, as the program I wrote, dh_rubygems,
tries to do the ruby dependencies based on the gemspec dependencies.

Anyway, I hope its of some use and would be thrilled if you chose
to lift some code from it for what you're doing. I find that most
well written gems work without modification just by go dh-make-gem
file.gem and then debuild'ing in the source dir.

If you think my time would be better spent working on your tool, let
me know, I would love to collaborate on this.


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