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Re: Some observations from a first time debian.org XMPP user

[W. Martin Borgert]
> Unfortunately, it is. I know at least of two DDs who do not use
> our server because of this "SPIM" (spam + IM) issue.

After being connected for a day, I can understand it.  I believe I have
received 10 new spam messages so far. :(

> So far, I did not get any invitation spam, so one might just block all
> strangers: https://bugs.debian.org/846099 OTOH, maybe you want to be
> reachable by people not in your roster?

To me that would be part of the point, but I am relatively new to public
XMPP servers. :)

> Note, that Gajim supports Jingle on jessie, but it is broken on
> stretch, because of the (premature?) removal of farstream 0.1.  AFAIK,
> one can still use the jessie packages on stretch. The next major Gajim
> release will move to farstream 0.2, which is in stretch. My only
> (short) attempt to get it working failed.

I'm using Jessie.  I do not understand when the camera and mic is
enabled and when it is not.  So far I have tested using Psi and Gajim.

> PS: Feel free to give me a call, we can try to get a Jingle
> connection.

We did test, and it did not work.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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