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Re: Some observations from a first time debian.org XMPP user

On 2017-01-22 09:04, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> When I connected using gajim, my client was flodded
> with messages.  I believe I got around 215 messages.  Is this normal?

Unfortunately, it is. I know at least of two DDs who do not use
our server because of this "SPIM" (spam + IM) issue.

> Is there anything being done on the XMPP server side to avoid spam?

So far, I did not get any invitation spam, so one might just
block all strangers: https://bugs.debian.org/846099 OTOH, maybe
you want to be reachable by people not in your roster?

> I'm still struggling to get video and audio chat working via the server.

Note, that Gajim supports Jingle on jessie, but it is broken on
stretch, because of the (premature?) removal of farstream 0.1.
AFAIK, one can still use the jessie packages on stretch. The
next major Gajim release will move to farstream 0.2, which is in
stretch. My only (short) attempt to get it working failed.


PS: Feel free to give me a call, we can try to get a Jingle

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