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The brief status of Debian riscv porting --2022/08/12


Continuing the good news from the previous issue, the package of
riscv64 has reached 15100+[0]. Another good news is that @aurel32
has added some new machines from PLCT[1] as unoffical buildd
machines, that is great.

In this issue:
+ Some update on riscv64 buildd status
+ New Debian riscv64 buildd machine from PLCT

* Some update on riscv64 buildd status
It should be known that for the past two weeks I have
carefully selected some packages that can be built on riscv64 in the
Auto-Not-For-Us state. For sure, I don't want to bring meaningless
wishlists to the maintainers of these packages, and just increase the
number of riscv64 packages as soon as possible. Some packages are
also depended on by other packages, so this work makes sense to some

We also still have a huge number of packages[2] with ftbfs issues
compared to other release arches. This is also what we will strive
to conquer next.

* New Debian riscv64 buildd machines from PLCT
Many thanks for buildd team and plct, With their efforts we can see
newly added machines[0]. They are rv-plct-0{2,3} now. If all goes
well, there will be more to be enabled. Most importantly, these
machines are real riscv64 hardware(unmatched boards). Although we
are still unofficial porting, but this is still a big forward.

I summarize all current buildd machines for other Debian Developer's
reference, please correct me if it's wrong.

rv-rr44-01 and rv-mullvad-0{*} are Unleashed boards

rv-osuosl-0{*} and rv-plct-0{*} are Unmatched boards

Others are QEMU VMs.

Not sure if there are other places or team where real riscv64 hardware
is needed in the future, feedback is welcome if so. This is
an misunderstanding[3] that happened when I was not familiar with
debian's infra at the time.

[0]: https://buildd.debian.org/status/architecture.php?a=riscv64&suite=sid
[1]: https://github.com/plctlab/riscv-lab-access
[2]: https://udd.debian.org/cgi-bin/ftbfs.cgi?arch=riscv64
[3]: https://lists.debian.org/debian-riscv/2022/06/msg00023.html
  Bo YU

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