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Re: Hope to set up riscv64 ci

Hi Paul,

Nice to meet you. I'm Wei Wu, Bo's colleague. I'm coordinating the RISC-V Lab project.

On 2022/4/15 04:46, Paul Gevers wrote:
Hi Bo,

On 10-04-2022 02:23, Bo YU wrote:
Thanks. The connection details work fine and I could connect to all

It worked last week, but this fails for me now, did something change?
kex_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host
Connection closed by UNKNOWN port 65535

We're reinstalling the OS on the Unmatched boards and the accounts had not been set up yet. Hopefully all accounts will be ready before the end of Friday.

However, I noticed they are running Ubuntu. All of our existing servers
(40+) are running Debian, and it's not convenient to have the riscv64
ones running something else. Debian and Ubuntu are similar, yes, but not
the same. When managing this many hosts, it's not pratical to have
different OS/package versions. Can they have Debian installed instead?
Ok. This is not problem. The unmatched031 is installing Debian image from [0].
Once the 031 works well, other machine image will be copyied from 031.

I *guess* this has happened by now, but are our keys added to those hosts again?

Yes. All accounts(pubkeys) will be ready before the end of Friday.

The rvlab will support reboot those machine physically. Reboot machine in
UTC/GMT+08:00(work day) is a good choice.

I'm curious, how is this going to work? Is there a ticket service? Do we send e-mail? Weekdays only I assume?

Currently there is no specific ticket service or system for it. Just open a issue in [1] and our colleague will restart the machine for you. Or, the more easier way is to just send an email to Bo Yu, and he will take care of the rest communation.

It is a known bug(or feature?) in the kernel and/or SBI for Unmatched, and it has been fixed by the latest kernel.

[1] https://github.com/plctlab/riscv-lab-access/issues


Wei Wu (吴伟)

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