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Re: Packaging group on salsa for OpenSBI and/or RISC-V?


2019-06-09 20:29 Vagrant Cascadian:
On 2019-06-06, Vagrant Cascadian wrote:
That pretty much leaves three options:

* create a riscv group (or risc-v, riscv64, riscv-packaging, etc. ?)
  (presuming trademark issues aren't a blocker)

I don't think so, because Debian RISC-V featured in many of their
workshops and their newsletters and stuff, so it's easy to argue that it
was never hidden, done in bad faith, etc.

Besides, if they really want to go that route, maybe it ceases to be an
interesting platform and Debian or FOSS people in general don't want to
work with them.

So I wouldn't worry much about this really, and the wiki page, port
name, part of filename in packages and what not are IMO bigger issues
than a group name in Salsa.

* create an opensbi group
* use the debian group

I ended up using "opensbi-team" consistant with salsa policies about
group names:


Can always move it later if desired, but I wanted to get the currently
queued updates uploaded.

... but yeah, I think that using opensbi-team is fine as well, and we
can move around later if we organise a group for "riscv" stuff in Salsa.

Great to get this packaged, BTW :)

Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo <manuel.montezelo@gmail.com>

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