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Re: Packaging group on salsa for OpenSBI and/or RISC-V?

On 2019-06-07, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
> On Friday, June 7, 2019, Vagrant Cascadian <vagrant@debian.org> wrote:
>> Karsten Merker and I had been discussing a bit about OpenSBI packaging,
>> and one of the things that came up was where to host the git repository
>> for the packaging.
>> I've been hosting it on https://salsa.debian.org/vagrant/opensbi for
>> now,
>>  but was wondering if there shouldn't be either a "riscv" group on
>> salsa to host it, or mayke a one-off group for "opensbi"?
> RISCV is claimed to be trademarked: although violation of FRAND has
> invalidated it, that remains to be properly determined in court.
> Until such time as that happens I would strongly recommend that, learning
> from the mess over firefox, trademarks be avoided as top level names for
> anything online that debian hosts under its official domains.
> Thus if that reasoning is followed, it would support the use of opensbi as
> a top level salsa project and not riscv.

I am most certainly not a lawyer, but Debian's architecture name would
probably be a bigger problem in that case than the name of the group on
salsa... but if there are serious trademark concerns... sure, maybe not
a good fit.

> A second point, vagrant, can I suggest in future not using a personal name
> as a top level group? 

It's my username on salsa (and in the Debian project); all users on
salsa have such a namespace.

I see it as valid a place to put personal or work-in-progress projects
or repositories from which to propose merge requests into repositories
you don't have access to... rather than having to create a group for
each new project regardless of weather it goes anywhere...

For long-term maintenance I already proposed to move the "opensbi"
packaging repository outside of my user's namespace, so no need to
convince me of that.

Another option I forgot to mention on the initial question was to host
it in the "debian" group, where all Debian Developers have access.

That pretty much leaves three options:

* create a riscv group (or risc-v, riscv64, riscv-packaging, etc. ?)
  (presuming trademark issues aren't a blocker)
* create an opensbi group
* use the debian group

live well,

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