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Re: Packaging group on salsa for OpenSBI and/or RISC-V?

On Friday, June 7, 2019, Vagrant Cascadian <vagrant@debian.org> wrote:
Karsten Merker and I had been discussing a bit about OpenSBI packaging,
and one of the things that came up was where to host the git repository
for the packaging.

I've been hosting it on https://salsa.debian.org/vagrant/opensbi for

Salsa is great as it is covered by the debian code of honour and associated diversity statement, both of which are some of the most stunningly short and respectful that I have ever encountered.

 but was wondering if there shouldn't be either a "riscv" group on
salsa to host it, or mayke a one-off group for "opensbi"?

The obvious advantage for "riscv" would be if there are any other RISC-V
specific packages that are eventually needed, although none spring to
mind at the moment, who knows what the future holds?

RISCV is claimed to be trademarked: although violation of FRAND has invalidated it, that remains to be properly determined in court.

Until such time as that happens I would strongly recommend that, learning from the mess over firefox, trademarks be avoided as top level names for anything online that debian hosts under its official domains.

Thus if that reasoning is followed, it would support the use of opensbi as a top level salsa project and not riscv.

A second point, vagrant, can I suggest in future not using a personal name as a top level group? Salsa is not github, which has done software libre a huge underestimated and little-understood disservice by encouraging the *person* to be the focus of the development effort, not the code and certainly not the *team*.

Salsa provides group management.

By naming the top level group "opensbi", other people can help and you can even pass on the responsibility to others and retire from active involvement, *without* disruption to any projects hosted under that group.

Would you pass on the top level salsa/vagrant to anyone else?

And of course, if you decide to pull the plug the entire repo is destroyed.  Under your control and your control alone.


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