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Re: Welcome to the list!

Hello Manuel and others,

Op 08-11-16 om 09:41 schreef Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo:
> Hi,
> As some of you already discovered, this list was created a few days
> ago to discuss about RISC-V in Debian.
> I've been short of time and unusually busy lately, specially to post
> news publicly, but in the last few months (years, really) I've been
> working in the background to create a Debian port for RISC-V, in
> principle focused on 64-bit little endian with the standard set of
> extensions (G), possibly C or others if they become popular.
> This is what devices like lowRISC are targetting, although with their
> own additions (minion cores and all that).
> One of the major problems compared to other ports is that key
> components of the toolchain are not present in the upstream repos, so
> things are more challenging.  Happily, this started to change in the
> last few weeks.
> But specially, as something still under heavy development, there is
> the possibility of incompatible ABI changes that could render most of
> the work so far useless.  In fact, I heard of some worrying news in
> that front, but don't know more details yet.
> I will hope to have more time as the end of the year comes closer and
> review the situation.  At the moment I have ~600 source packages built
> (~2000 binary packages, I think) and mostly working so I've been
> building many of these packages natively, although with the caveats
> that changes in glibc and other basic libraries might render this
> useless.

Maybe they need to be build again, but I don't think the work will be

> Some key packages typically installed by debootstrap are still missing
> due to circular dependencies, or still cross-compiled but not compiled
> natively/cleanly.

Maybe you can tell a bit about the major problems in the toolchain, and
if somebody is allready working on it.

And about your setup. I've heard in a private mail you are using
risc-qemu for building. Other people could do the same. Maybe we could
publish a working qemu disk image and setup?

And maybe somebody can tell about a setup with FPGAs.
What hardware are you using?  Will cheap hardware be useable?

Does somebody know more about the coming lowrisc hardware?

With regards,
Paul van der Vlis.

Paul van der Vlis Linux systeembeheer Groningen

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