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Re: mips64el in testing

Aurelien Jarno:
> [...]
> Here is the current buildd lists and how there are configured:
> - eberlin (DSAed): mipsel then mips64el
> - mipsel-aql-01 (DSAed): mipsel then mips64el
> - mipsel-aql-02 (DSAed): mipsel then mips64el
> - mipsel-aql-03 (DSAed): mips64el then mipsel
> - mipsel-manda-01 (DSAed): mipsel then mips64el
> - mipsel-manda-01 (DSAed): mipsel then mips64el
> - clash (manually signed): mips64el
> - lm6100 (manually signed): mips64el
> - thor (manually signed): mips64el

Thanks.  I have updated our lists.  For now I am only counting a buildd
on its primary arch.

> In short only one DSAed buildd builds mips64el before mipsel. This is
> clearly not enough for the port.

Indeed, though it looks solvable. :)  Anyway, it has been added as an RM
concern for now.

Let me know if there are updates to their primary architectures.

>> to be shared between mipsel and mips64el.  Are some of these being
>> migrated to/replaced with DSA buildds?
> 2 buildds have arrived at man-da and 2 at sil. They need to be racked
> and installed. They will be split between mips (they have an FPU) and
> mipsel/mips64el, likely 1 mips and 1 mipsel in each location, but it's
> not fully decided yet.
> Aurelien

Sounds great. :)


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