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Re: stable update of dpkg (>= 1.17.2) and apt (>= for build profiles


On Wed, 2014-04-30 at 15:28:27 +0200, Johannes Schauer wrote:
> Quoting Johannes Schauer (2014-04-26 07:15:03)
> > Because of this syntax change, packages that use this syntax can only be
> > uploaded once tools in Debian stable support it because the build
> > infrastructure runs Debian stable.

Much of our infrastructure code comes from unpackaged projects (?),
which makes this an awkward requirement, I guess it's the price of
reusing existing packaged code by the unpackaged projects. :/

> > One option would be to wait until the jessie
> > release but we fear that if we go that route we might discover too late that we
> > missed to patch one important tool and in the worst case have to wait for yet
> > another release until packages with build profiles can be uploaded.

Well, this is a recurring problem when introducing this kind of changes,
and it would be nice to have project wide agreement on how to deploy
these in a faster way, instead of usually having to wait one release
cycle. But not just for infrastructure, for dist-upgrade purposes too.

In this case one would have expected to be able to use build profiles
right away after the required infra changes (at least I think it
would have been possible in the past?), because they don't affect the
dist-upgrade path, but it seems there's new restricting factors now.

> > Therefore we would like to test whether the Debian build infrastructure can
> > handle uploads of source packages using build profiles as early as possible. It
> > seems that the two options for making this happen is to either backport the
> > current versions of dpkg, apt and python-apt or to make a stable update:
> since a backport seems to be out of the question, we'd like to propose three
> patches for dpkg, apt and python-apt as a stable update. Please find the three
> patches attached.

Yeah, the dpkg one is not too big, and I'd be in principle okish (from
my side, although with very slight unease) preparing a stable package
with this kind of minimal new features. Although after having read the
thread, I think I'm not entirely clear on what's the take from the
release team.

Just out of curiosity what part of the infrastructure requires an
updated dpkg to get profiles support? My guess would be lintian and
sbuild, anything else? Although isn't lintian run from a git checkout,
or is that only for lintian.d.o and not for dak's lintian?

> The patches do not implement full profile support but just allow the new
> Build-Depends syntax to be parsed without throwing an error. If the new syntax
> is encountered, dependencies will be added as if no build profile was active.
> The patches include no way to change the activated build profiles to keep them
> as minimial as possible.
> Do you think the attached patches are minimal/safe enough to include them as a
> stable update?

Well, just the other day, while going over the profiles code again, I
noticed there's probably an implementation issue that I need to check,
I'll try to do that tomorrowish.


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