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Bug#684963: Bug#685939: unblock: bouncycastle/1.46+dfsg-7

Le lundi 10 septembre 2012 15:35:02, Mehdi Dogguy a écrit :
> There was already an unblock request for this one. Please see #684963.
> (and please check before filing new bugs). The other submitter asks
> permission for an upload in t-p-u though.

Sorry, I haven't seen that someone already was taking care of this issue. 
Maybe unblock bugs should appears on PTS page.

> Given the diff between
> Wheezy's and Sid's bouncycastle, it is pretty clear that 1.46+dfsg-7
> won't make it to Wheezy… unless you have very strong arguments.

Since 1.46 release was lying in unstable long before the freeze (and actual 
Java libraries which are now in testing were tested against 1.46 release) I 
thought it might be ok for release team.

Damien - Debian Developper

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