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Exceptions for libawl-php / davical

Hi guys,

Just before freeze, a new release of libawl-php / davical slipped
quietly into Wheezy.

Just *after* freeze I have some updated packages which have various
bugfixes which will be very important to the community of users.  While
the debdiff for these packages will show many many changes (mostly to
the autobuilt docs), and there are few bugs filed with Debian, these are
important fixes.

In particular there were some bugs in 1.1.0 which mean it will not work
with the CalDAV client built into iOS 6 that are fixed in this release.
That's only affecting a few people yet, but once iOS6 is actually
released to the public it will become a lot more annoying.  Almost all
changes from 1.1.0 to 1.1.1 are bugfixes.

Realistically, nothing depends on libawl-php / davical except for the
users, and there are no tight dependencies with anything else.


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