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Re: Possible testing-proposed-updates upload for circuits 1.6-1?

Hello Adam,

On Sunday 08 July 2012 20:56:06 Adam D. Barratt wrote:
> You didn't understand correctly.  t-p-u is intended to handle cases 
> where the package in unstable is unsuitable for unblocking and an 
> important (i.e. RC) bug fix needs to get to testing.

Many thanks for your explaination and sorry for the noise.

> If 1.6-1 were suitable for unblocking (which based on the size of the 
> debdiff I'm not convinced) then that would be from unstable, not via t-p-
> u.

Thanks again (this is my first Debian release as a contributor ;), now I 

Well, now that I full understand the release policy, and since circuits 
1.6-1 doesn't fix RC bugs, I think that the best solution to have circuits 
1.6-1 in Wheezy is to wait the release and backport it after Wheezy will be 


 Daniele Tricoli 'Eriol'

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