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Re: Pending freeze and packages pending upload

On Wed, Jun 20, 2012 at 08:40:50AM +0100, Roger Leigh wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like the following to be permitted to be uploaded for wheezy:
> schroot 1.6.0
>   This is just 1.5.4 in unstable with translation updates and
>   a few minor bugfixes.  This is the stable release intended for
>   the wheezy release.

Uploaded.  There may be a point release with translation updates
and potentially minor bugfixes at some point in the next month or so.

> gutenprint 5.2.8
>   This is a point release with a large number of new printer
>   models being supported.  It was released 2 days ago, but we've
>   been waiting on it for months.  Quite important for including
>   with wheezy for contemporary printer support.  I will package
>   it this weekend.

This is done, but I found that upstream accidentally bumped the
major version of the libgutenprint2 ABI.  They are planning to release
5.2.9 with my patches for correcting the mistake.  They should do this
by the weekend, but it's possible this will miss the freeze deadline.
It would be good to have a freeze exception for this--the work is all
done and tested, just waiting on the update from upstream.  I can
apply my patches directly to the 5.2.8 release any upload now, or I
could wait for them to release properly.

> Additionally:
> sbuild.  I'll be working on this once the above two are done.  It's
> not had much work done on it over the last year due to lack of time
> finishing my PhD and moving jobs, but it does need some bugs fixing
> for wheezy.  This won't have impact on anything else.  It would be
> great if this could be considered for wheezy after the freeze starts
> because it's unlikely I'll have time until then to start work on it.

sbuild is often used by developers who are running stable to build
packages for unstable.  So it's important that the stable sbuild be
able to support all the features needed during wheezy+1 (at least as
far as that is possible).  I definitely won't have this done for the
freeze--I've got to get sysvinit fixed as a priority.  It's functional
as it stands, but could be better--there are quite a number of bugs
I'd like to get addressed for wheezy.


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