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Re: Bug#676817: systemd and dovecot

	I would be very grateful if you could have a look. Andreas Barth has
basically repeated the point I made in the third paragraph of my
original post. Nothing you have said is really reassuring me. You talk
about how a package needs something to make socket activation to work
and sd-daemon.h is  a way to do that. Well that file is available in
libsystemd-daemon-dev, and the current package as  a dependency on
systemd rather than libsystemd-daemon-dev. It might be right but it does
not feel right.

On 17/06/12 09:52, Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
> ]] Nicholas Bamber 
>> Tollef,
>> 	Thanks for the response. What about the libsystemd-daemon-dev package?
>> Is that required (on Linux)?
> I don't know in detail why dovecot build-deps on systemd, but I believe
> it's for the socket activation.  It can either include sd-daemon.[ch] in
> the source tree, in which case no build-dependency is needed, or it can
> use the files from the systemd tree, in which case the dependency is
> needed.  I don't know which of those solutions dovecot has chosen.

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