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Re: Bug#676817: systemd and dovecot

On 17/06/12 07:58, Nicholas Bamber wrote:
> Jaldhar,
> 	We really need to get dovecot compiled on the non-linux platforms to
> progress with the mysql migration. The systemd dependency puzzles me
> somewhat as systemd is not available on non-linux platforms and dovecot
> has previously compiled on those platforms.
> 	So at the very least the "systemd" dependency should be
> "systemd[linux]". Also it would surely be prudent if the "
> --with-systemdsystemunitdir=auto \" argument to configure were only set
> on linux platforms.
> 	However, whilst I don't know anything about systemd, this still looks
> like a little broken. I am puzzled that the dependency is on systemd and
> not libsystemd-daemon-dev. After all the libsystemd-daemon-dev package
> contains the "/usr/include/systemd/sd-daemon.h" file which is included
> by some dovecot source files.
> 	I could raise an NMU to fix these issues but some advice from the
> systemd people would be appreciated.

Oh I should not have implied that it previously compiled on Hurd.

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